In 4 days’ time it will be 4 months ago that South Africa entered its Covid19 Lockdown. There is nothing Kronendal Music Academy does better than cope with a crisis. This has been seen over and over again, for example the terrible fires of 2017 – housing, feeding, clothing and relocating 100 destitute people in our KMA home. As soon as it was possible, we partnered with food distribution programmes, reached out to our supporters for funds to cover medical and psycho-social assistance, and kept in touch with our pupils via WhatsApp lessons, providing data on a daily basis.

This very sobering article by John Scott, whilst painting a realistic picture of the challenges we are up against, also makes it very clear to us just how important our work is right now, as we prepare our young people to think out of the box, use innovation and improvisation to find creative solutions to challenges, and dig deep into their natural resilience. The NGO sector is uniquely positioned right now to reach the countless millions of youth whose shoulders it falls upon to lead us into a re-new-ed future. The children of the present are the custodians of the planet – and of our own beautiful country – and the new reality they will face is going to need brighter, happier and more confident minds and hearts. At KMA, we believe we are a gateway to achieving just that.

Music is healing and reaches far into the hidden gems that are at the centre of every individual. Now is the time to pave the way, dig the trenches and build the foundations upon which this planet will rely.

What we do

Since 2007, Kronendal Music Academy has offered the universal language of music as a stepping stone in the lives of impoverished children from Imizamo Yethu informal settlement and Hangberg fishing village. As the only fully-fledged music school in the valley, at any given time we have well over 100 pupils in lessons and ensembles, and regular performances and external qualifications complement our teaching model. High standards ensure that our core humanitarian values are maintained. Our award-winning programmes not only foster racial and social integration in our community, but also guarantee enriching opportunities for all our children, developing important cognitive skills while exploring previously unavailable horizons.

KMA is an organisation dedicated to giving children with few or no advantages in life, the opportunity to discover and exploit any musical talent they possess.

But we also care about each child’s well-being. We go the extra mile to ensure we contribute to developing happy, healthy, and confident future South Africans.

How it all adds up

Our key focus areas

Why is music important

Singing our praises


Hout Bay Lion’s Club Louis Volks Humanitarian Award
Inyathelo Philanthropy in the Arts Award 2011
Inyathelo Award for Philanthropy in the Arts
Best Community Choir Cape Town Eisteddfod 2011
Department of Social Development: Ministerial Award for Afterschool Programme Excellence
Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport: Ministerial Award for Outstanding Achievement of Youth in the Arts (Music)
Survé Philanthropies Imagine Award for Arts and Culture