With the many increased challenges South Africa faces now, we have reached a make or break point in the care of our young people. It is now critically important that we give every possible attention to developing our children into the cleverest and most innovative citizens of the future that they can possibly be.

Covid19 has forced us to re-evaluate how to strengthen our ability to contribute effectively to a post-Covid world. What does a vibrant, post-Covid-19 society could look like, and how we can most effectively help build it? How can we best prepare our young people to think out of the box, use innovation and improvisation to find creative solutions to challenges, and dig deep into their natural resilience? These are the questions we need to be asking ourselves.

In our own community, we face on a micro level the exact same challenges our country – and indeed the planet – faces on a macro level: for example, health, education, renewable energy, sustainable food systems. We believe that the true altruistic meaning of the “triple bottom line” is more relevant now than ever before: human life, the economy and the environment are interdependent. It is clear to us that collaboration is the only sensible approach. Collaboration enables greater impact. The greater the impact the greater, and quicker, the change.

KMA 100’s Campaign is ON THE GO!

Over the next few months we want to raise 100 x R100, 100 x €100, 100 x £100 and 100 x $100 to keep bringing the magic of music to our pupils during the next few months.

To show our gratitude, we would love to name

  • a veggie patch; or
  • an indigenous South African tree; or
  • a fruit tree

… after each donor (or you can put this in someone else’s name!).

The trees and veggies will all be planted on the KMA land and all taken care of by our pupils themselves.

What we do

Since 2007, Kronendal Music Academy has offered the universal language of music as a stepping stone in the lives of impoverished children from Imizamo Yethu informal settlement and Hangberg fishing village. As the only fully-fledged music school in the valley, at any given time we have well over 100 pupils in lessons and ensembles, and regular performances and external qualifications complement our teaching model. High standards ensure that our core humanitarian values are maintained. Our award-winning programmes not only foster racial and social integration in our community, but also guarantee enriching opportunities for all our children, developing important cognitive skills while exploring previously unavailable horizons.

CSI Strategy Facilitation

The economic consequences of the pandemic have redefined the importance of impact investment, but CSI spending can feel like a confusing and annoying “box to be ticked”.

We will help you to align your CSI strategy to people, plant and prosperity – with the full buy-in of your team – and develop a roadmap for the perpetuity of your business, with a seamless transition from past strategies.

In addition, your contribution gives you an 18A tax certificate and our level 1 BBB-EE status adds points towards your SED contributions.

CSI has again become a core issue in the post-pandemic era. Thriving businesses are those with a strong CSI commitment with effective CSI strategies and efficient implementations.

Contact us to start the process.

KMA is an organisation dedicated to giving children with few or no advantages in life, the opportunity to discover and exploit any musical talent they possess.

But we also care about each child’s well-being. We go the extra mile to ensure we contribute to developing happy, healthy, and confident future South Africans.

How it all adds up

Our key focus areas

Why is music important

Singing our praises


Hout Bay Lion’s Club Louis Volks Humanitarian Award
Inyathelo Philanthropy in the Arts Award 2011
Inyathelo Award for Philanthropy in the Arts
Best Community Choir Cape Town Eisteddfod 2011
Department of Social Development: Ministerial Award for Afterschool Programme Excellence
Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport: Ministerial Award for Outstanding Achievement of Youth in the Arts (Music)
Survé Philanthropies Imagine Award for Arts and Culture

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